Wood shed


When we acquired our house there were two sheds on the north side that we had to get rid of.  The regional sewer main ran under them.  Not only was it illegal to have them there (violation of a town easement), but the town recently informed us that they'll be digging the sewer main up for mainenance in a few years.  If we don't get rid of the sheds ourselves they'll be charging us to have someone else do it for us. 

The shed space has been useful: storing bikes, a lawnmower, recyclables, wood, etc. So I'm building a replacement shed.  Something pretty light.  Hopefully it won't need any walls but we'll see where the rain lands. No walls for now.  The shed will be held-up by some big cedar posts.  I'd also like to be able to drive my truck up to it, to drop off firewood, and I'd like to put the truck in the shed on occasion.  The truck needs a big service to remove rust, replace engine gaskets, and so on.  I'd like to avoid the eyesore of a torn-apart truck in the front driveway.  So I'd need a gap in the cedar posts big enough to drive the truck through.  Given the way our yard is shaped, it would have to be a corner post that we remove.

So the shed is to be about 24' by 12' with four posts per side, except at the one corner.  I cleared and leveled the ground two years ago.  Had to do quite a bit of digging and jackhammering to make the ground level.  There was a  big boulder that took a half-day jackhammering to clear. 

Clearing the ground.

I took to using a laser level to get the ground approximately flat.

Putting up the posts. . .

Posts up, and subframe wrapping them.