Saskatoon vs. Victoria

Part of a homework problem  last semester was to have student compare the temperatures in Victoria vs. Saskatoon.  

The horizontal direction represents the mean temperature in Victoria for that day, the vertical direction the mean temperature in Saskatoon for that same day.  This is roughly the past 40 years of data -- starting in 1970.  Although there a few handfuls of days where there are missing temperature readings. 

The straight line (in black) is the best fit linear approximation. As a formula it is SaskT = 2.218*VicT - 19.502.  The red curve is the best quadratic fit, and it is SaskT = -0.04*VicT^2 + 2.995*VicT - 22.178. 

In short, the mean temperatures are considerably less in Saskatoon than Victoria, but Saskatoon has far more variation -- a degree change in Victoria is usually accompanied by a little more than two degrees change in Saskatoon.  The variability is bigger in winter and lesser in summer, although it's only on the hottest days (over around 25c) where a degree change in Victoria is close to a degree change in Saskatoon.