New shed roof


The roof on my shed was decaying, allowing water to rot the walls. . . so I decided to replace it.   Now that everything is said and done, I suspect it would have been easier to destroy the entire shed and start from scratch.   Replacing the roof was probably cheaper but also more labour intensive.    After replacing the roof I realized I had to tear out about 20% of the walls and replace them as well.  Lesson learned. . . it was perhaps too easy to overlook the state of the walls when the roof was a moldy, moss-ridden gooey mess. 


I used the plastic as a stop-gap measure to keep the water out but regardless of how I stapled it down, the wind would blow it off every couple of weeks. 

Tore the roof off, unfortunately I broke part of the window in the process. 

Building supports for the new flat roof:

and once the new roof was on, it dawned on me two of the four walls were half-rotten.  So I tore them out and replaced them, using free roofing plywood discovered on usedvic. I also replaced the window with a free one, from usedvic.  And around this stage I replaced the old wood ramp at the door with a cement one.  I had to pay for the cement.  I had to put some vents up high in the wall, as the transparent roof made it roasting hot inside during the summer. 

. . . and with the new siding it is done.  The siding was the most expensive part of this project.