My first foray into woodworking


When we moved into the new house there was a little less storage than we needed, so I attempted to make some shelves.  I had my motorcycle tools, and some wood, some glue and some screws.  I didn't quite measure the space the shelves had to fit in properly, but it all worked-out.  It was depressing to see that better shelves could be had for less money at Ikea.  But I learned something. 

The metal cut-off tool was one of my primary methods of cutting wood. Resulted in black soot throughout the garage.  I smelled like a forest fire for days.  I had a hack-saw but it wasn't good for cutting notches out of the wood.  The grinder was the main tool I had for adjusting the size of the notches.  Needless to say, I prepared for my 2nd set of shelves.