Canada is seeded with topologists

Canada has reached a little threshold for topologist-density recently.  Every province except PEI has a topologist in either a permanent position or a tenure-track job. As far as I know this is unprecedented. 

BC: Rolfsen, Adem, Pettet, Ben Williams, myself.

Alberta: Bauer, Zvengrowski, Peschke. 

Saskatchewan: Stanley. 

Manitoba: Adam Clay. (this is recent news to me!)

Ontario:  Christensen, Denham, Jardine. Boden, Hambleton, Harada, Nicas. Bar-natan, Nabutovsky, Selick, ...

Quebec: You can't walk anywhere in Montreal without bumping into a topologist. Boyer, Cornea, Collin, Joyal, Pichot, Wise, and more depending on how wide you cast your net.  

New Bruswick: Campbell

Nova Scotia: Pronk, Gruenfelder, Johnson, Kenney, Pare, Selinger. 

Newfoundland: Baird, Booth, Heath, Martinez-Pedroza.

What trends can we spot?  BC is into geometric topology.  Alberta is a bit of a mix.  Saskatchewan is all about Don Stanley.  Manitoba is on the topology map!  Ontario and Quebec have too much topology for their own good, but none of it is anywhere near the Manitoba border. New Brunswick's only topologist is busy being President of the University.  Nova Scotia is heavily into the categorical logic.  Newfoundland is also into geometric topology, but of a more homotopy-theoretic bent than the west coast.    Perhaps I missed someone?