A small compilation of topology videos

Recently a bunch of nice classic topology videos have been appearing in various locations. I thought I'd put together a little list of some of them.

Thurston's "Not Knot", Part 1 and Part 2. These videos describe some connections between knot theory and geometrization, in particular hyperbolic geometry.

Thurston's "Outside In" video. This video covers Thurston's technique for turning the sphere inside-out, the original proof of which goes back to Smale.

Thurston talks about his motivations and the timeline for geometrization here. There is a moment mid-way through the video where Thurston talks about when he thinks geometrization might be proven in general. This is about one year before Perelman's papers started appearing on the arXiv.

Milnor's lectures on Differential Topology. These took place at the Statler Auditorium at Cornell in 1965. Perhaps this is an early Cornell Topology Festival event? If any readers know I'd like to know. Video 1Video 2Video 3. The first two videos are basic manifold theory background, the 3rd video gets at his exotic sphere constructions. These are fairly light videos, similar to Milnor's "Topology from a differentiable viewpoint" lecture notes.

Kirby's Edinburgh Lectures on topological manifolds and smoothing theory.

Mike Freedman's lectures on 4-manifolds. This is a part of MPI's semester on 4-manifold theory.