2006 BMW HP2 Enduro for sale

I have a 2006 BMW HP2 enduro for sale.  I am the original owner.  I bought the bike here in Victoria.  The local shop Island BMW / Island Motorrad has done all the major service and recalls on the bike. 

I am looking for $19,000 for the bike and am firm on this.  I bought the bike when I was single.  Now I have a family and rarely find the time to ride. 

The bike has 47,000km on the odometer. By and large the bike is in excellent shape.  The only thing to watch out for is the final drive will develop some rust if you leave it outside in the rain for significant periods of time.  For the past 7 years the bike has been stored in my garage, so there have been no rust issues.  Before I had a garage, a little rust would develop on the final drive each winter.  I would clean the drive and treat with gun bluing each spring. 

List of significant changes made to the bike:

  • Engine was replaced in 2015 with a 2009 GS engine. This has a little more power than a stock HP2 enduro.  It also sounds a little less "snorty" than a stock HP2 engine.  Pulls wheelies a little easier. 
  • Has a lithium-ion battery, which is considerably lighter than stock.  It has better than stock performance -- unless the battery is frozen, then it tends to be slow to start. 
  • I've replaced the front fork internals with the Andreani kit from Fast Bike Industries.  This allows both forks to have compression and rebound dampening.  The springs are a little stiffer than stock, as well.  The stock fork internals had one fork tube doing the compression dampening, and the other doing the rebound dampening. 
  • I've installed an r80gs windscreen on the bike. 
  • PivotPegs are installed.  I still have the original foot pegs, if you like.
  • I have two sets of wheels for the bike.  The stock wheels (21" front, 17" rear) have dualsport (mostly street oriented) tires, while the Woody's wheels (21" front, 18" rear) have knobbies.  The Woody's have rimlocks and are tubed tires.  Stock rims are tubeless. 
  • Under-seat auxilliary fuel tank, with electric pump. The tank was designed and built by Markus Sedlmeir. 
  • Two seats.  One is covered by a vinyl, tan and white.  The other is a Renazco seat, with a suede leather top, and white vinyl on the side.  The suede seat is in the pictures.
  • Still has the original clutch, and has about 60% of its life remaining. 
  • Has electric heated grips.  These are starting to look a little worn and will likely need replacement in a few years.
  • I painted the plastic panels white shortly after purchasing the bike.  The paint job is holding up really well, considering its about 18 years old.
  • Acerbis handguards. They've seen some bashing, but are in good shape.  The plastics on the right one are a little worn.
  • I have an LED replacement bulb in the main headlight.  This is easily reversed to a stock bulb. The LED is considerably brighter and closer to white light, when compared with stock.  I believe I also have an extra I can give you, as well as the stock bulb.
  • GS-911 HEX code reader for the bike, to help read CAN-bus system messages.
  • Has KTM passenger pegs on the rear. 

I also have numerous small maintenance items I can throw in.  The VIN is: WB10369096ZL00201.