ATHDDA - Practical Matters

Getting to and from Victoria: 

If you are coming from a long distance, the best way to get to Victoria is via the local airport, Victoria International Airport (YYJ).   Be aware it is difficult to get to the east coast of Canada if you depart Victoria in the afternoon.  Quite often we have to resort to red-eye flights.

From Vancouver, the cheapest way to get to Victoria is by the bus. There is also a ferry, a harbour plane, and a helicopter service.  The bus drives onto the ferry -- it is the most relaxing way to arrive on a budget.  The harbour plane and helicopter service land near the downtown hotels, but have restrictive hours. 

If you are driving from the States, the Port Angeles ferry is likely the best option.  There is also a pedestrian ferry from Seattle. 

Transport inside Victoria: Be aware taxis in Victoria are relatively expensive.  A ride from the airport to your hotel will cost between $60 and $100.  The airport shuttle is far more cost-effective.  From the airport you can buy your ticket without reservation.  For the return trip, you book through your hotel.  Taxis between the airport and UVic usually cost between $40-$50. 

Getting between the centre of town and the university is an approximate 20-minute bus ride. Busses regularly depart the corner of Douglas and Fort (near your hotels) in the north and east directions for the University.  All busses that stop at UVic say "UVic" on their fronts, and UVic is their final stop. 

Food around campus: At present few on-campus restaraunts are open.  Near DTB/DSB Mystic Market at the University Centre is the primary dining area.  Near ELL the Student Union Building is the primary dining area.  A full list of dining places and hours is available here.  If one is willing to walk for 20 minutes, there are a few other dining options.  Cadboro Bay, at the corner of Sinclair and Cadboro Bay Rd has a few restaurants and a grocery story. If one walks 30 minutes, the corner of Cedar Hill Cross rd and Shelbourne st has quite a few other choices. 

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